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To: Tim Cook, CEO Apple

Apple: Stop your Comic Sans snobbery

Apple: Stop your Comic Sans snobbery

Use Comic Sans for the default font on the iPhone 6.

Why is this important?

Apple occupy a key position in the hearts of typeface poseurs everywhere. If they were to make a bold step and switch to using the people's font, Comic Sans on the new iPhone, this would cause massive cognitive dissonance amongst the design profession, hopefully enough to break the suffocating stranglehold of elitist typo-snobbery for ever.


Reasons for signing

  • I hate legible fonts.
  • More comic sans!


2014-05-06 09:39:55 -0400

Well, despite our impressive signatures, Apple still refuse to make even this minor concession. I suggest we next start emailing them in comic sans to make our point...