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To: California Senate

California for All Dogs and Cats

Yay! All done!

Photo by Alvan Nee on Unsplash
California, urge your state legislators to support the Governor’s California for All Dogs & Cats proposal.

Why is this important?

Earlier this year, as one small part of the larger FY 2020-21 state budget proposal, Gov. Newsom announced a plan to invest $50 million over five years in a program that will assist and advance California animal shelters — allowing them to help more dogs and cats.

Pets are important parts of our communities, especially in times of crisis; this investment will help animal shelters become more efficient and effective, lessening the burden currently placed on taxpayers to care for dogs and cats without homes.

However, this budget proposal isn’t a done deal. In order for that money to go to shelters that need it, the proposal needs the support of the California state legislature. And in order for that to happen, elected officials need to hear from you.

TAKE ACTION: The original timeline has been delayed to the COVID-19 crisis, but this proposal is still being considered. Please tell decision makers you support Governor Newsom’s California for All Dogs & Cats proposal today.
California, USA

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