To: Watford

Support Boys In Our Area: Watford

Support young boys education. Ask our new Education Secretary to invest to ensure all nurseries are able to afford the best possible qualified leadership

Why is this important?

During their early years, children learn so much – discovering through play, starting to speak and learning to understand others.

These skills are vital when they get into the classroom. But too many children are starting school without them, particularly boys and those growing up in poverty.

Recent research conducted by Save the Children shows that boys in England are twice as likely as girls to fall behind by age five.

Last year in England, 80,000 boys started school struggling to express themselves, speak in full sentences, or understand simple instructions from parents, teachers and friends.

Many of these children never catch up, with potentially devastating consequences for their futures. As they get older, they can struggle at school, leading to poorer prospects in the world of work.

As a country we need to give parents the right support to help children learn at home during these critical early years. High-quality childcare, delivered by skilled staff, has also proved to make a huge difference.