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To: Federal State Government of Berlin

Turn River Spree Into Giant Swimming Pool

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Turn River Spree Into Giant Swimming Pool

Dear Berlin Government,

Every day in summer thousands of people leave Berlin to go for a swim in Brandenburg. The result: Empty streets, closed shops and hundreds of cafés going bankrupt - every day.

Turning the Spree into a giant swimming pool would create a massive incentive to stay in the city. It could become a major attraction for everybody - families, seniors, hipsters, tourists and creatives - and therefore boost local economy to a so far unknown scale.

Turn the Spree into a swimming pool now!

Why is this important?

Imagine a city with a public open air bath right in the middle in the city - surrounded by lively neighbourhoods full of ice cream shops, cafés, restaurants and happy people. Berlin could be this city - with your help. Please sign this petition to the Berlin Government to turn the river Spree into a giant swimming pool!

Berlin, Germany

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