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To defeat Donald Trump, we need to build a movement from the bottom-up, in every corner of the country. We can’t leave it to politicians or the media - it’s up to us to take a moral stand and to protect our friends and co-workers most at risk from mass deportations, religious bans and other forms of hate. Starting an open letter is a way to show that patriotic Americans are coming together, from all walks of life, all political beliefs and all racial and religious backgrounds, to affirm the values we hold dearest: diversity, openness and compassion.

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  • Vote for 100% clean UP
    Cities are choking with filthy air, waste and water. 7 most polluted cities in UP. 60% population with no access to electricity. Recent WHO, CPCB, CEED and GoI report as back up to create debate, strong civil society network, Internal research on various issue and key data to push the issue. • Reality Vs Promises. To create a war room to keep posting strong content on social media. • High pitch media and social media driven campaign planned by all political groups. • National and International media reporting from UP will be an excellent opportunities. • To create a political consensus and strong civil society network will be key for future campaign strategy. • Four Parties are most likely will be forming the govt. in 2017. They are SP (Samajwadi Party), BSP (Bahujan Samaj Party), BJP (Barthiya Samaj Party) and Congress. Rest of Parties will be aligning with above four groups either in pre and post poll alliance scenario.
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    Created by Divya Narayanan
  • Not Who We Are: Google
    As members of the [organization] community, we stand against Donald Trump’s racial and religious intolerance. Policies and rhetoric that directly target Latinos, Muslim-Americans and others threaten the basic freedoms and safely of members of our own community and our ability to do our work. They are also an assault on our most deeply held values of our country. As a community, we stand with those who are most at risk of the scapegoating and policies that will tear families apart and make it harder to live and work with freedom and dignity in this country. An attack on one member of our community is an attack on all of us. Donald Trump is not who America is, and he is not who [organization] is.
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