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To: Oz, the Great and Terrible, Wizard

Repair the Yellow Brick Road

Following our trip to the Emerald City, the Wizard agreed to make the necessary repairs to the road. I'm pleased to report the work has already begun!

the yellow brick road in shambles. (c) Thomas Karna
Photo by Mockaroon on Unsplash
The Yellow Brick Road has been neglected; commit to repairing the damaged sections of the road in the next year!

Why is this important?

The Yellow Brick Road is the main road connecting Munchkin Country to the Emerald City and in its current state it's impassable.

How it will be delivered

We're off to see the wizard!

Land of Oz, Kensington Avenue, Buffalo, NY, United States

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Petitie is geslaagd met 9 handtekeningen

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The Wizard said he would fix the road!

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