• End Buddy Garrity's Tax Avoidance
    Dillon is a small town, and Mr. Garrity operates its most profitable business. His tax bill represents a significant portion of our town's budget for education and public programs.
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  • The School Club Movment
    Build a better foundation for our generation.
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  • fdglohl
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  • new Spanish petition
    why aren't they sending
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  • Save the library
    we want to read
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  • Enrique test
    Because X
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  • We Need More Bike Lanes
    Cyclists aren't safe.
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  • Allow transgender service members to serve openly and proudly
    The American Medical Association passed a resolution that said "there is no medically valid reason to exclude transgender individuals" from US military service. The ban on trans service members, as with other forms of discrimination against trans people, is based on incorrect and outdated medical rationale. The concern is that a person's gender dysphoria, a state of emotional distress caused by how the gender someone was designated at birth conflicts with their gender identity, could interfere with someone's ability to serve, since it can lead to severe depression and anxiety. But most medical experts today, including the American Psychiatric Association, agree that hormone therapy and other forms of care can treat those suffering from gender dysphoria. And not all trans people suffer from severe gender dysphoria in the first place. The Obama administration could overturn the prohibition on trans individuals without congressional consent, since the ban is attached to regulations, not law. The White House and Defense Secretary Ash Carter said in February that they're open to undoing the ban — although it's unclear what, if any, reviews of the broader policy are underway. Source: http://www.vox.com/2015/6/8/8748341/ama-transgender-soldiers
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    Created by Adam Quinn
  • New Lebanon CSD: Increase Arts Funding
    Arts are an important part of a holistic education. In addition to expanding the creativity of students, arts education also increases engagement and academic achievement. The goal of any school should be to nurture well-rounded, innovative students and arts education is vital for this development.
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